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Property Registration Fee Hiked in Delhi after 45 Years

Delhi cabinet on Monday gave nod to a proposal to significantly increase the registration fee of property in the city. The revision comes after a gap of 45 years.

Officials said a rationalization was long overdue given the ridiculously low rates of filing of appeals and fee for registering wills, gift deeds etc. The revision is expected to increase revenue collection from Rs 1.5 crore per year to Rs 100 crore.

As per the new rates, fee for registering conveyance deed, sale deed, gift deed etc relating to immovable properties will be 1% of the stated value or the circle rate whichever is higher up to a fee of Rs 50,000. Where the value of the property is not mentioned, the fee will be Rs 1,000. Earlier the fees was just Rs 100 for both categories.

The fee has also been revised from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000 for registration of lease of an immovable property and from Rs 100 to Rs 500 for registration of wills. Miscellaneous registration of documents will now cost Rs 1,000 per document.

Officials said the rock-bottom rates had meant that despite the flurry of registration, government collection was very low. In 1007-08, 291469 documents were registered which generated a revenue of around Rs 1.48 crore. In 2008-09, Rs 1.40 crore was earned from registration of 284203 documents while in 2009-10 the earning from registration of 2,74,466 document was around Rs 1.31 crore.

The most dramatic revision has happened for fee relating to filing of various appeals. In this case, the fee has been revised to Rs 100 from Re 1 in some cases and Rs 10 in others. For inspection or search, the fee now stands at Rs 100 from the earlier Re 1.50. Copies of registered documents will now come at Rs 10 per page instead of the earlier 25-75p per page. Attending registrations at private residences in case of the infirm or in jail for the incarcerated will now be charged Rs 500 instead of Rs 10. In all other cases where a Rs 20 fee was charged, now Rs 200 will be charged.

Filing for translation will now cost Rs 50 instead of Rs 2. Authentication of a power of attorney for which fee was Rs 3 earlier, will now cost Rs 1,000. Rs 10 will be charged now instead of Rs 10 for deposit/withdrawal/opening of the will. Safe custody of documents after registration will cost Rs 50 per week instead of Re 1 per week.

Source: Times of India

Dated: 18 May, 2010

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