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"India is the most exciting real estate market in Asia," says Michael Smith, head of Asian real estate investment banking at Goldman Sachs. "It's one of the last major countries in Asia with an improving market." Indian real estate industry has been expanding at an exponential rate with a booming economy and healthy GDP growth. As per the industry estimates, the real estate industry in India has been growing continuously at 33 per cent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) and estimated to be a $50 billion industry in the next four years. Followings are some of the major drivers of this magnificent growth:

  • Increasing purchasing power: Due to increase in Job opportunities in India and the high standard of living, the purchasing power of the citizen has increased. The number of households with "high income" is expected to increase by 60% in the next four years to 44 million households.

  • Favorable demographics: India is a country of great diversity with a wide range of landform types, including major mountain ranges, deserts, rich agricultural plains, and hilly jungle regions. India is being targeted by global real estate giants due to its favorable demographics.

  • Easily availability of cheap finance by customer friendly banks & housing finance companies: There are number of options in India to avail cheap finance. The need for loans is taken care of by specialized housing finance companies, foreign banks and nationalized banks spread across the country [e.g. HDFC Property Fund, DHFL Venture Capital Fund, Kotak Mahindra Realty Fund, Kshitij Venture Capital Fund and ICICIís real estate fund, India Advantage Fund etc] that are set to play the most important role in the development of the real estate industry and are the end users.

  • Professionalism in real estate: Real Estate in India has been organized and is gaining professionalism due to the existence of financial institutions, academic institutions, real estate appraisers and government sector.

  • Reforms initiated by the government of India: There are many favorable reforms initiated by the government of India to facilitate investments mainly in the economic and industrial sector. The new stand adopted by Indian government regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) policies has encouraged the domestic as well as foreign investors in real estate to invest in Indian Properties.
The rapidly growing Indian real estate market is accelerating towards maturity with increasing participation from famous national and international players, growing investor interest and a market-friendly approach. Last few years are the most memorable years for the Indian real estate market and the boom in Indian real estate. In recent years, India's explosive economic growth has attracted the whole world and its property market has indeed emerged as one of the most appealing and attracting investment destinations for both domestic and foreign investors.

Presently, selling and buying Indian property is now considered as the most attractive and profitable business opportunity. New demands have strengthened the real estate markets across the commercial, residential and retail sectors in India. There is a rapid growth taking place in both residential and commercial sectors that is attracting huge investments in Indian real Estate.

India has emerged as a top-most favored destination for FDI in the world and displaced US at the second position. India has attracted more than three times foreign investment at US$ 7.96 billion during the first half of 2005-06 fiscal, as against US$ 2.38 billion during the same period of 2004-05, due to the changing investment scenario in India. This ranks India amongst the "dominant host countries" for FDI in Asia and the Pacific (APAC).

The optimistic and encouraging approach of Indian government is the major aspect behind the enormous rise of the Indian Real Estate sector, which is the second largest employer after agriculture in India. This budding sector is today witnessing development in all the major segments of the industry such as residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality and healthcare in metros of India such as Mumbai, Delhi & NCR, Kolkata and Chennai. Easier access to bank home loans and higher earnings are some of the key factors behind the sudden jump in Indian real estate.

Thus, the Indian Real Estate industry is lined up for a complete revolution. In current scenario, if there is any powerful investment tool that brings burgeoning maximum financial returns, it is INDIAN REAL ESTATE !!

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