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Property Investment in India

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Major Investments in India
In the present times, India is the fifth largest economy in the world (ranking above United Kingdom, France, Italy and Russia) and also has the third largest GDP in the entire continent of Asia. It is also the second largest among emerging nations. (These indicators are based on purchasing power parity). The Indian economy and the real estate sector in particular are high on its ride to prosperity and continuously moving toward liberalization and globalization. As a huge growth of Indian economy, Indian real estate market is accelerating towards maturity with increasing participation from prominent domestic as well as foreign investors, rising investor interest and a market-friendly approach. Indian real estate has high potential demand in almost every sector, but especially residential, commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare.

Invest in Indian Real Estate Sector
With the explosion of purchasing power, India's economy is poised to expand 9 percent for a third straight year, while the U.S., Europe and Japan slow to less than 3 percent growth. McKinsey & Co., the New York-based consulting firm, estimates that India's middle class -- those with annual disposable incomes between $4,380 and $21,890 in current dollars -- will increase more than 10-fold to 583 million by 2025. The boom in the market has made the minds of even an average Indian filled with a bright day tomorrow. India's higher profile in the global economy not only makes it a magnet for foreign investment, but also gives its companies a bigger role on the world stage. From a foreign investor's perspective, the recent correction in real estate prices in some parts of India is good news in that it could result in land being available at attractive values.

India - The most lucrative place for the investors

As per the recently conducted studies on Indian real estate revealed that, India is the most lucrative place for the investors seeking investment in real estate sector. Going by statistic India is the largest democracy with commendable democratic governance and institutions. The price appreciation, growth in the economy at 8% GDP, lifestyle trends, real estate boom and change in infrastructure are mainly driving the market dynamics of property investment India. Investing in residential property seems to be the most profitable business for the middle class and the yield is roughly 5-6% per annum. We hope to see real estate India as the most profitable destination in the world in the near future!

Reforms initiated by the government of India - Attract Investors

With 100% relaxation of Foreign Direct Investment regulations in Real Estate, India has emerged as a top-most favored destination for FDI in the world and displaced US at the second position. India has attracted more than three times foreign investment at US$ 7.96 billion during the first half of 2005-06 fiscal, as against US$ 2.38 billion during the same period of 2004-05, due to the changing investment scenario in India. This ranks India amongst the "dominant host countries" for FDI in Asia and the Pacific (APAC).

Property Investment in India - Loans and Online Banking

There are many banks and financial institutions are providing loans with attractive rate of interest to the builders, and are also floating real estate funds. RBI has decreased its rate of interest in the home loan division. Several major banks and financial institutions too have followed the same strategy. Don't miss this opportunity and get yourself a home of your own. Also India has strong and transparent legal and accounting systems and above all has legal protection for intellectual property rights. This makes property investments in India safest and trustworthy.

Today you no longer need to worry about buying a house as real estate agents property has gone online and investment friendly. Thanks to online banking India! The money flow has been massively encouraging with a rise of $7 to $8 billion over a span of 2 years. To this extent the Govt. of India has now allowed international and domestic companies to operate real estate funds through private equity funding. Most of the funding has been floated from financial institutions and banks like HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HSBC etc.

Lack of enthusiasm among investors

The main reason of lack of enthusiasm among investors being, after independence from Britain 50 years ago, India developed a highly protected, semi-socialist autarkic economy. Structural and bureaucratic impediments were vigorously fostered, along with a distrust of foreign business. Even as today the climate in India has seen a rapid change, smashing barriers and actively seeking foreign investment, many companies still feel it as a difficult market. India is rightfully quoted to be an incomparable country and is both frustrating and challenging at the same time. Foreign investors should be prepared to take India as it is with all of its difficulties, contradictions and challenges.

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