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The realty boom in India has given a new aspect to the finance sector in India - both in Home Loans or Property Loan and Home Insurance divisions. This leads to a huge competition among the finance companies to provide attractive home loan schemes to customers and hence contributed to the increased investments in the real estate sector in India. The Home Loan sector in India has seen considerable transformation in last couple of years. As per the recent statistics, the home insurance premium has crossed Rs 150 crore-mark marking a growth of 25% in the last financial year and it seems to be continued. It has also estimated that 60% of the revenue in the loan premium is produced in the development of new housing areas; prominent among which are the real estate investments in the fast developing National Capital Region (NCR) and Navi Mumbai and Bangalore. The transactions related to buying and selling of residential properties increased considerably and was much higher as compared to previous years.

The home loan market in India is flush with advertisements of low interest rates, attractive EMIS (Equated Monthly Installments), cheap rates, and many more. With the home loan rate diving southwards, home loans will be available reasonably. RBI has decreased its rate of interest in the home loan division. Several major banks and financial institutions too have followed the same strategy. Don't miss this opportunity and get yourself a home of your own.

There is a wide range of banks, financial institutions and finance company across India actually giving out home loans and all have their own set of offerings, procedures and prior requirements as far as the best possible housing loan interest rates in India are concerned. Followings are the main section of Home Loans India which will enrich your knowledge related to home loan:

What should you know before you apply for a Home Loan:

A small research and knowledge before you apply for a home loan will be very helpful and can save you from a lot of troubles from unnecessary running around to sub-optimal solutions.

  • How to Choose Property of your desires?
  • Basis of home loan eligibility
  • Which is the best bank or finance companies in home finance?
  • How to produce down payment for your home loan
  • Loan Amount Eligibility and evaluate your budget
  • Joint loan to improve eligibility
  • Loan Before Agreement
  • Pre-approved projects indicate quality

Home Loan Process:

As there are a large number of housing finance companies, home loan bank financial institutions and finance company across India and all have their own set of procedures and prior requirements. But with the modernization and computerization, home loan process is mostly standardized across all banks like ICICI, HDFC Bank, City Bank, HSBC, Standard Charted Bank and others. Once you have selected the best home loan rate and decided and negotiated a housing loan, you can quickly close the loan if you know the processes. Followings are some key points related to home loan process:

  • Process to be followed to apply a Home Loan
  • Bank loan document checklist
  • No Objection Certificate
  • How to produce down payment for your home loan
  • Loan Amount Eligibility and evaluate your budget
  • Joint loan to improve eligibility
  • Loan Before Agreement
  • Pre-approved projects indicate quality

The Tax related questions and tips:

Home Loans in India, Mortgage Loans, Home Loan Schemes
These days, home loan is very closely equated with tax planning. Many people choose on home loan as part of their tax planning process and they plan their loan accordingly. There is much unverified popular perception on tax related matters floating around that it becomes hard to separate the chaff from the grain. Here is the explanation of how various tax benefit options are available in various conditions.

  • Tax suggestions and Calculations
  • Share Agreement Format
  • Tax deduction benefits on loan repayments on more than one property
  • Construction completion proof to claim income tax deduction benefits
  • Concurrent tax deduction benefits for Home Loan and HRA
  • How to claim 100% Tax Benefit
  • Co-owners to change ownership proportion periodically
  • Co-borrowers claim tax deduction benefits with a single certificate issued by the bank
  • Tax deduction benefits on the amount upto Rs. 1.5 lacs for co-owners
  • Tax implication for Home-Saver, Home Credit or Home Product

RealtyZing - Your Home Loan Advisor

Home occupies an important place in our lives. A homeowner is treated with a sense of respect. Apart from the basic function of dwelling, home becomes a symbol of status too. RealtyZing has assisted many people in choosing the best suitable home loan scheme and fulfill their aim of purchasing homes of their own. These include the following groups of customers; those who are aiming to buy their first home, customers seeking to buy a second or third home, customers planning on amendments or improvements in their original home and several other customer groups.

RealtyZing serves as a common platform for all the home loan desires. As per the customer's general requirements like low interest rate home loans, home equity loan, home improvement loans, land purchase loan, loans a own selected EMI or any such home loan requirement, any one can find them easily by associating with RealtyZing.

Please contact RealtyZing immediately if you are seeking of a home loan. Some attractive deals may be waiting for you. We will glad to assist you.

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